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Worried about paying your winter fuel bill? Help is on hand (17/12/14)

Winter fuel help

With rising fuel costs and another cold winter many members are worried
about how they’re going to pay this year’s winter fuel bills.

Help is on hand
“There for You” has set up a limited fund to help UNISON members on
low income by way of a one-off payment of up to £40.

To apply download the APPLICATION FORM or
simply contact your UNISON branch office.

  • Everyone that applies will receive a booklet giving information about other help that may be available and how to reduce your fuel costs in the future.
  • There is a limited amount in the winter fuel grants fund and once exhausted no further awards can be made. Priority will be given to those who have not previously applied.
  • Your application must be received no later than 13 February 2015. Applications will then be processed and decisions communicated over the following few weeks.

Reporting Hate Crimes (28/11/14)

Being a victim of or witnessing a Hate Crime can be a very traumatic event, but what exactly constitutes a hate crime? The definition is as follows…

‘Any incident, which may or may not, constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate’.

The most important part of the definition is the word ‘perception’. If you perceive a comment, action or incident that you witness or are a victim of to be motivated by prejudice on the grounds of age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender this constitutes a hate crime.

The Council has a procedure for reporting Hate Crime and the process that follows is outlines on the Hate Incidents and Hate Crime intranet page.

If you do witness an incident or believe you’ve been a victim of a hate crime don’t ignore it, report it!!!

If you would like to speak to UNISON regarding Hate Crime, please contact the Branch on 01142 736307 or alternatively by email at lgbranch@sheffunison.org.uk

Statutory Youth Service petition - your help needed (26/11/14)

Below is a link to a petition on ‘Statutory Youth Service’. Please sign and encourage friends and colleagues to sign to ensure that our young people receive a statutory funded Youth Service from all local authorities that make up the UK.


Why is this important?
Currently there is no statutory obligation placed on local authorities to provide a Youth Service via the respective Councils in the UK. Recently, this has meant that councils when faced with Government austerity cuts have chosen to cut vital services to our young people.
Through these draconian measures many Youth Centres in the hearts of our communities have already faced forced closure and hundreds of thousands of young people now face a much reduced range of services, support, guidance and now lack access to opportunities to acquire critical life skills.

Youth workers who have trained over three years to become professionally qualified are being put out of work after many years of loyal service. The young people in disadvantaged communities, in particular, are being harder hit by these measures. For many vulnerable young people their locally provided service is a lifeline and is a much needed supported pathway to a more productive, happy and fulfilled adulthood.

Up and down the country young people, communities , supporters and their Youth Workers have been trying to resist these cuts - but a much louder voice is needed to ensure that services are put on a statutory footing - helping to prevent even more cuts and the betrayal of our young people in the future.

With your help and public outcry we may be able to ensure our young people receive the necessary services, opportunities and support that so many so desperately need and rely so heavily upon. Please help.

Holiday pay too low? Act Now! (19/11/14)

Two recent legal cases on holiday pay could mean that UNISON members may have claims for underpayment if they did not receive their normal pay when on annual leave.

In the first - known as the Lock case - the European court ruled in favour of a UNISON member who argued that paid annual leave should include commission payments if these were part of normal pay.

And recently, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) ruled in another case that overtime payment should be included in holiday pay if members are required to work overtime regularly.

The EAT took the UNISON Lock judgement into account when it reached its decision.

Both cases referred to the European Working Time Directive, with its guarantee of paid leave, and the judgements only apply to the statutory leave entitlement.

Both issues may affect members who have been underpaid in the past when taking leave and UNISON will support members who have a claim.

As with all tribunal cases, there are strict time limits for when a claim must be submitted: for these cases it is three months, less one day, from date of the last alleged underpayment following a period of statutory annual leave.

If you think you may have been underpaid talk to your local UNISON rep or branch now. The strict time limits mean that you might lose out if you delay.

Fill out the Holiday Pay Case Form here... and hand to your local UNISON rep or branch office.

TUC Young Workers: Pay Politics and Pressure - Sat 29 Nov (19/11/14)

Yorkshire and the Humber TUC Young Workers’ Event, Pay Politics and Pressure.

This event will be held as follows:
Date:         Saturday 29 November 2014
Venue:      Domino Hall, Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street, Sheffield S1 1HA

Time:         10.am – 1.30pm
Speakers:  Colin Burgon (former MP and lifelong TU activist)
                  Ian Pattison   (participant in $15 an hour victory in Seattle, USA)
                  Ian Hodgson  (BFAWU President)

The event is free of charge and we would welcome as many young people as possible who can join us to discuss these issues: the event will explain the attacks on people’s wages and show how trade unions and campaigning can change them.

Pay Consultation - Branch result (12/11/14)

Results of the Pay 2014 Consultative ballot for the City of Sheffield Branch which closed at lunchtime on the 11th November.

  • % voting to accept the employers offer 73.7%
  • % voting to reject the employers offer 22.5%
  • Spoilt ballots 3.8%

Please note that this result is for the City of Sheffield Branch ONLY, when the national result is known then that will appear on the Union’s national website and will be linked to ours.

UNISON briefing for registered social workers (04/11/14)

You can find the briefing here...

The Bisection of Sheffield City Libraries (29/09/14)

Sheffield City Council have given away 14 Community Libraries to Volunteer Community Groups and Independents and closed the Mobile Library Service completely.

100+ full time and part time staff (with over 1,500 years of service between them) have taken VS/VER, leaving the same number of staff to run the remaining 12 Council Community Libraries, plus Central Services.

The staff that have left, given the choice, would have still worked within the Library Service, had the 14 Community libraries remained open.

All of the “leavers” and “stayers” have worked in a thoroughly professional and committed way, giving a first class service to the public over the years.

Will the voluntary and independently run Libraries be able to give the same commitment?

Will these sections of communities within Sheffield be left without a Library to visit if/when the Volunteer/Independent Libraries fail?

Time will tell…

Forthcoming Conferences (22/08/14)

Friday 6th February – Sunday 8th February 2015
Brighton Centre – Brighton

Thursday 12th February – Saturday 14th February 2015
Southport Convention Centre – Southport

To request a nomination form or for further information contact:
UNISON Branch Office
Arundel Gate Court
175 Arundel Gate
S1 2LQ

Tel:   0114 2736307
email:        lgbranch@sheffunison.org.uk

Closing date for nominations: 12noon, Monday 20th October 2014

Council Convenor Election results 2014 (12/03/14)

Ballot papers issued 4828
Ballot papers returned 480

Rodney Padley 287 (Elected)
Lisa Smith 252 (Elected)
Robert Gascoigne 249 (Elected)
Jane Knight 212 (Elected)
Gareth Burdon 194 (Elected)
Joanne Crooks
Jonathan Mordecai

167 each (Elected)

Angela Hall 142
Carol Ring 124
Alix Cordock 114
Kathryn Spurr 84
Darren Whittaker 81

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